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100% Natural Biodegradable Soap Holder/Dish/Tray Made From Coconut Shells.

Perfect for keeping your soaps dry between uses. Makes your handmade soap last longer than when kept in the shower or on the sink.


Naturally waterproof, and rubbed with coconut oil, your dish will never get moldy and can easily be wiped out when cleaned. To refresh the natural look of the coconut shell, rub a small amount of coconut oil when dry and it looks new again!

We have 5 different designs to choose from. They feature Elephants, Fish, and 3 different shaped Leaf patterns. Each coconut shell is unique in color and shape/depth. The pattern you pick will be the same as the picture but it may vary in color and shape. They are truly a unique item that makes them the perfect gift or way to show off your new natural essential oil soap!

We have more designs coming very soon. Feel free to reach out with any questions.

Natural Coconut Shell Soap Dish

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