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The Begining

Our story begins a little differently than most, but one thing is for sure, it was perfect timing!

Ashley and Jon met when they matched on Tinder. I know right? It does actually happen sometimes! We chatted back and forth for a couple weeks before deciding to meet in person. It was love at first sight and we hit it off instantly.

We were inseparable. Within our first months of dating, we started planning adventures together and quickly found ourselves alone in the middle of the jungle in Coasta Rica. An hour drive and three river crossings to the closest town, we truly got to know each other very quickly. Then it was time for another adventure.

We were in love! 

Our Trip To Thailand on our honeymoon
Our engagement photo, Florence Italy

The Adventures Continued

We moved in together and introduced our pets. We were having so much fun together and wanted to plan another trip. I really wanted to show Jon Europe so we started planning. Then we were off!


We spent a week in Spain, hopped on a train, stopped in France for a day, then back on the train to Genova Italy. OMG the food!!! After that, we headed to Florence where, to my surprise, Jon got down on one knee, on the Ponte Santa Trinita bridge, overlooking the famous Ponte Vecchio bridge.


We had the most amazing time wandering through the streets that night celebrating our engagement. From there we headed to Venice for the final leg of our trip and then back home to start planning our wedding!

Wedding Bells

 We picked the date of March 10th 2018 and started planning. Unfortunately, where we live in California had one of the worst wildfire seasons we've seen in years. The Thomas Fire ripped through our city and devastated the entire area. So far our wedding venue was not affected and we planned ahead. In January we had a huge storm come through causing the Montecito Mudslide. Our community was shocked. Our hearts were broken. It had been an extremely tuff year so far and we tried our best to stay positive. We were together and safe and that's all we could ask for.


March approached and we were so excited. My future brother-in-law was planning us the most amazing event and we couldn't be more excited to celebrate with everyone we loved. 


As it got closer, we noticed the forecast called for a slight chance of rain on and off throughout the week of. We had to consider plan B as we had planned most of our ceremony to be outside. The week arrived and there was no rain in sight. Finally, our day had arrived and... Rain! The entire day!


It was amazing and we embraced it! We had the time of our lives.

Our wedding night, dancing in the rain
Our two amazing daughters

Our Family Grew

We rushed off to our tropical honeymoon in Thailand where we talked about our future and what we wanted to do in our new life together and enjoyed the most perfect moment together.

This was the life!

Shortly after that we found out we were pregnant with a baby girl! Ivy Belle came into the world and is the most amazingly sweet little thing. We just welcomed our second daughter recently and Violet Rose has been an amazing addition to our family and we couldn't be luckier.

We are raising them in a loving environment where they are taught about ways to be environmentally conscious and to always go with the natural options. We wanted to use the best products for our children and its because of them that Ivy Rose Naturals was created!

From our family to yours, we hope you enjoy our products!

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