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Hand Crafted With Nature's Ingredients

Pure Essential Oils

We use only the best ingredients. The essential oils we use in our soaps are 100% pure and natural. They are tested for purity and freshness. From our Calm Bar with Bulgarian lavender oil or our Glacier Bar made with Japanese Peppermint oil, you can truly smell the difference. While fragrance oils can smell amazing, we prefer to use all-natural scents that have other beneficial properties for your skin and wellbeing.

About Our Leather

Base Oils

We use oils that are high in fat and oils that added benefits to your skin and the way the soap behaves. Extra virgin olive oil is one of our main ingredients because of its moisturizing properties and leaves your skin silky soft.  We add Shea Butter to give you that creamy lather you want in a bar of soap plus it helps fight breakouts and has anti-inflammatory properties that help soothe skin. Each ingredient is specially selected for each bar in order to give the best aromatic experience and result. 

Soap Base Oils Used For Natural Soap

Made With Love

Each batch is hand crafted to the highest standards. We put so much thought, effort, and love into each and everything we create and we hope we can share it with you. From our family to yours. With Love.

Natural Soap Bar in Hand
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